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16 Ways Working Women Can De-Stress and Decompress at Work

Content Turn off your phone Step #7: Write a to-do list Trending Articles Relax Your Mind by Reading About this article By volunteering, you can prevent loneliness and depression, and you can also improve your physical health, such as by lowering your blood pressure. There may be times when life’s demands can affect your work, […]

Alcohol Tolerance Vs Alcohol Dependence?

Content Compare Functional Tolerance vs. Metabolic Tolerance Early Tolerance of Alcohol’s Effects Can Signal Future Problems Rewards Can Affect Tolerance Consumption-induced tolerance Alcohol tolerance Why Does Cheap Alcohol Give You A Worse Hangover Than Top-Shelf Alcohol? Deliberate induction of alcohol tolerance: empirical introduction to a novel health risk National Institute on Drug Abuse explains that […]

What is Psychological Dependence? Los Angeles Outpatient Treatment

Content Psychological vs. Physiological Dependence and Addiction Physical vs. Psychological Addiction What Is Physiological Dependence? Psychological dependence only Physical and Psychological Dependence – Key takeaways Overcoming Psychological Dependence PERSONALIZED CARE If you suffer only a psychological dependence, you still possibly need some time in medical detox. This time helps ensure your body safely cleans itself […]

The Importance of Showing Gratitude in Addiction Recovery

Content How to Practice Gratitude in Recovery (and why it matters) How Can You Develop Lasting Gratitude? Our Residential Inpatient Treatment Facility Are You Grateful for Your Recovery? Gratitude improves your physical health. Gratitude Is a Magnet: Our Positive Outlook Draws Out the Best in People How can you be grateful when drugs cost you […]

People recover from addiction They also go on to do good things

Contents Detoxification For Patients Articles Related to Addiction Rehab Process Uncover Root Causes of Drug or Alcohol Use The Top Tools Being Utilized for Research on the Brain in Recovery There are psychological and physiological reasons as to why this occurs. Seeing a loved one struggle with an addiction to alcohol is extremely challenging, emotional, […]