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How to create an IT Org Chart for Modern DevOps Org Chart Software

Content Git vs. Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) Financial Services Apply CI/CD tools for infrastructure automation DevOps Within a Corporate Structure Work Management DevOps team roles Our Culture The structure of DevOps teams can influence how effectively they work together, the speed that they can deliver a quality product, and the longevity of the knowledge […]

What Is UX Design? Fully Updated Guide For 2023

Content Job summary 10 Can I get a UX/UI job with no experience? Duties & Responsibilities 8 Represent the Interests of Developers To the Design Team Optimizing UX Engineering Workflows With UXPin Merge Emotional Design The 7 Factors that Influence User Experience Job summary 5 Large teams that are more siloed because of their size, […]

Task: Refine Product Backlog

Content Backlog Refinement: A Quick Guide With Examples Sprint Backlog Sprint Retrospective Why Is a Product Backlog Important? Estimate early to prevent blockers What is Product Backlog Refinement and What Should it Look Like for my Team? When teams spend time refining work items during a sprint, those work items take longer to complete. Some […]

Top Javascript Frameworks For Mobile App Development

Content Flutter App Development: The Ultimate Guide To Flutter Mobile App Development Angular Choose The Javascript Framework That Is Best In Performance Connect To Native When You Need It Top 20 Mobile App Development Frameworks For 2022 Phonegap Framework Features Today it is the most famous JavaScript framework for hybrid mobile application development for seamless […]

Risk: What It Means in Investing, How to Measure and Manage It

Now, in this situation, by analyzing and controlling or by proper planning, ABC Inc. has saved a notional loss of $50,000,000, which the enterprise would suffer. On the other hand, the production process of XYZ Inc. would not even have any idea about such a situation and has incurred a massive loss because of such […]

Why Prototyping Is Important for Your Project Success

Content Do You Want to Build a New Website or Redesign an Existing One? Ready to start producingRemarkable Results? Building a bridge between designers and software engineers. Related articles The Advantages and Disadvantages of Software Prototyping WHY SHOULD I BUILD A WEBSITE PROTOTYPE? Entrepreneurs at various levels develop software prototype models to visualize or test […]

Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL Technical Deep Dive June 8th, 2018 New York, NY SNP Technologies

Content Setting up Postgres tables log_line_prefix log_statement Query Tuning Datadog PostgreSQL Performance Monitoring (FREE TRIAL) How much data can PostgreSQL handle? Tuning PostgreSQL memory parameters Using EXPLAIN (ANALYZE, BUFFERS) If the value for effective_cache_size is too low, then the query planner may decide not to use some indexes, even if they would help greatly increase […]

Scrum what it is, how it works, and why it’s awesome

Content Scrum ceremonies or events By team size Scrum Agile Methodologies How Does Scrum Work? Scrum development team Further Reading Chris is a proud Atlassian and an advocate for new ways of working to unleash the potential of every team in your organization. He and his team help clients to reach better outcomes, through a […]